No Tv + No Money = No Problem! Here’s The Only 3 Things You Need To Make Movie Night A Success

movie night

Okay 4 things, you probably need your kid too. 😂 Well … I guess your kid doesn’t really count as a thing, right? So that brings us back to 3. Whatever, stop judging my counting skills, lol … moving on, here’s your list … 1. A Laptop (or some sort of electronic device that allows you to watchRead more

Mom Hacks: How To Get Your Child To Eat Breakfast In The Morning Before School Everyday

mom hacks - how to get your child to eat breakfast

Let them eat something on the go … That’s it! You can go back to whatever you were doing before you clicked this post because that’s my trick. Still here? Still wondering how the hell does it work? It’s simple! My daughter loves the idea of holding something in her hand while she walks. I haveRead more

Kid Recipe Alert: Chicken Quesadillas

Kid Recipe Alert: Chicken Quesadillas

I’m not Latino, but this is good … Just ask my 5 year old, who begs to make these at least once a week now! She even said they were better than Chipotle’s quesadillas and I think she’s right. #winning However, these literally take about 10 to 15 minutes to make, depending on how many youRead more

Mom Confession: I Gave Up Free Tickets To Disney World Because I Was Too Scared To Travel Alone

Share The Magic - Disney World

Yes, I realize how stupid this sounds … And I’m not proud of it. Hell, my daughter is probably going to kill me when she finds out. If she finds out. Lol But last year, I managed to get 2 complementary tickets to Disney World, along with a few other places in Orlando, and I never went!Read more

Disney Just Released The Cast For Their Remake Of #TheLionKing And I’m So Excited

Disney's The Lion King Remake 2019

Girl forget Beyoncé, Childish Gambino is Simba! I’m legit freaking out right now. Omg. Omg. You have no idea how much I love him. This is gonna be soooo good! But why the hell do I have to wait two years for this ish? Didn’t I just complain about this shit? Why Disney, WHY! Omg, it doesn’tRead more

Snacking Just Got Better: 6 New Brownie Brittle Holiday Flavors Released Just For Us Moms

Brownie Brittle

Okay, maybe it’s not just for us … But we can totally act like it is! I know I sure as hell am. I’m not sharing this with my 5-year-old. (Sorry kid.) But it’s the truth! This stuff is just too good. I’m not a huge fan of the Brownie Brittle, but my sister loves it to death.Read more