#BadMomsXmas Is A Really Bad Movie, But Hey At Least The Screening Was (Kinda) Fun … ny, Kinda!

Okay I’m lying, girl that thang was a mess! Lol

But we totally had fun! From the moment I got online to hand in my ticket for the screening, to our TGIFriday’s shenanigans after the movie. So I’m glad I went. Here’s how our night went …

Okay, so when I first got to the movie theater, as you usually do for a movie screening, I got online and waited to hand in my tickets. Now my friend wasn’t with me yet. (She was running a tad bit late due to tourists traffic. If you’re from NYC, you know exactly what I mean. Lol) Normally they don’t take your ticket unless both people are together. Well, I guess he was nice, or in a good mood or whatever. So he took my tickets, and jokingly said “you know she ain’t gon’ be able to get in now, right”? I was like, uhhuh … wait what? Lol

He was like nope, you already agreed! Listen here sir, if you don’t stop it with yo foine ass. It’s too cold for this. Lol After that he came around with risk bands, and of course I had to ask for an extra one. Why did this mofo ask me how many times has she made you late for an event? I was like, ummmm .. never? Lol I don’t think he believed me, but it’s the truth. Lol I don’t invite people who are always late to events, because I will leave yo ass! Play with me! Lol

Wait, why did she tell me to show him my boobs though? LOL Lawd! Yeah, so this is how our night started off! It was straight foolishness from the gate. But then we finally got in, and went upstairs to the theater to find sexy Santa’s with candy canes along their waistbands. Hmmmm … don’t mind if I do. Lol (I actually thought he was gonna just hand me a candy cane like the other Santa was doing, but apparently his lane was self check out only. So I had to help myself. LOL) Then it was on to the pre-screening festivities. We got our nails “done” and I took a photo on Santa’s lap. (You know, to relive my childhood or whatever? Lol Not.)

A Bad Moms Christmas Movie Screening 34st AMC

I suck at photos unless I’m taking them my damn self, but whatever! It was cool. But can we talk about why they only painted one finger on each hand? I totally get this is free and all, but what am I gonna do with one finger painted? I don’t even have nail polish remover at the moment so I can remove the nail polish, and I’m way too lazy to do the other fingers. Sooooo … I’m just walking around with my ring fingers all glittery and the other nails looking atrocious. Lol (Okay they’re not that bad, but still!)

A Bad Moms Christmas Movie Screening 34st AMC

At least I was cute with my Fenty Gloss on & shit. 😒😂

A Bad Moms Christmas Movie Screening 34st AMC

Oh wait, let me not forget to tell you how we basically ran from this crazy dude all night that was sooo into my friend’s hair despite the fact that she’s married. Lol I swear when he came over to talk to this girl in front of us inside the theater he was only there so he could look at her again. We met crazy guy while we were waiting to go inside.

He hopped off his line, walked all the way over to us, to tell my friend how much he liked her hair, and eyes, and yeah … nigguh stop! Just stop! So my friend goes, well she has nice hair too. Lol Wait a second now! No I don’t! Okay I do, but I don’t want this creep talking to me either. What is he? 50? Lol Goodness!

Anywho, here’s what I thought of the actual movie!

It was okay. Yeah I laughed, but I laughed because it was stupid funny, not funny funny. Ya know what I mean? Like, it’s not something I’d pay to see and then walk out feeling good about my “purchase” after. It just wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But then again, I’m not the satire type. I don’t like stupid movies. So if you’re into that kind of thing, you’re gonna love this! But me? Naaah. However, it did make me really excited for Christmas.

Watching them spend the holidays with their families made me even more excited to spend the holidays with my own. This year we’re going to my brother’s house not my uncle’s, which should be great since we’ll do more than stare at the tv and drink wine. Lol So I can’t wait!

I’m not gonna say you shouldn’t go see this movie though, because everyone I know has said they loved it. So it could just be me. But it felt forced. Maybe it was the acting? Like they were trying really hard to make everything funny. Ugh! I know I’m weird, and I’m totally okay with being the odd one out. I just can’t sit here and tell you I really enjoyed this movie.

So I’m not going to! Lol But I did enjoy this …

Sexy Santa #3 in this scene was hot! (Of course so is the main sexy Santa and a few others. Lol) But I think this was like my favorite part of the movie. Okay, no … I’m lying. I really enjoyed the emotional parts of this movie. The heart to hearts with the moms and their mothers. That I enjoyed. That felt real to me, because I know a lot of us don’t always get along with our parents, but we try to make the best of our situations. Everything else was just a bit fake and over dramatized, so I couldn’t get into it. But I tried y’all. Lol

A Bad Moms Christmas will be in theaters tomorrow.

So if you enjoy satire, stupid jokes, and cussing, you don’t wanna miss this movie! If not, I suggest you wait for it to come out on Netflix or something, so you can watch it at home with the fam. Unless of course you have a firestick. Lol But the real question is, do you even want to see this movie? Do you enjoy these kinds of comedies? Comment below and let me know!



  • Barbara

    Love your honest review! Also, your lip gloss.

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to get the rest of the Fenty Beauty collection! Lol

  • Ahhh that’s disappointing! Thanks for being honest though!

    • You’re very welcome! Just remember, everyone else liked it. Lol (But me lol)

  • Rose Mont

    This was my laugh for the morning. I’m glad the movie was good! We need more good and funny women movies! Maybe I can get out to see it this weekend!

    • You’re welcome! lol But have fun! I wanna go see Thor this weekend. #lesigh

  • Jenn Goggin

    LOL Sounds like a crazy night! I think I will do as I did with the first and wait till it is on redbox! In florida the one glittery nail on the ring finger is all the rage, everyone has it don’t at the salon… maybe thats what they were going for?

    • It totally was! (And yeah, I’d so wait if you’re not into satire.) I never actually saw the first movie so I had no clue what I was getting into. LOL

      But I actually LOVE doing one nail different than the others. So my ring finger is usually glitter or a design or something. But literally only one finger painted? Sigh! I’m just glad it was cheap nail polish and it’s starting to come off by itself! LOL I really don’t have nail polish remover!

  • Tiffani G.

    It was a fun time, aside from Captain Crazy…I’ve never wished for a hat more than I did that night.

    • LOL I’ve never wished someone had a “normal” hair color in my life before that night. Your hair was all he needed to see to slide on over. Ugh!