Disney Just Released The Cast For Their Remake Of #TheLionKing And I’m So Excited

Girl forget Beyoncé, Childish Gambino is Simba!

I’m legit freaking out right now. Omg. Omg. You have no idea how much I love him. This is gonna be soooo good! But why the hell do I have to wait two years for this ish? Didn’t I just complain about this shit? Why Disney, WHY! Omg, it doesn’t even freaking matter! I don’t care. I’m so excited! I loved this movie as a kid, and now we’re finally getting a remake that my daughter can watch and well … just look at this freaking cast!

This is going to be so good! I can’t wait. Y’all know James Earl Jones is about to kill it as Mufasa. Lol I can just hear him already. Aw man! And Seth as Pumba? I’m starting to wish this wasn’t just voice overs. I’d love to see this cast actually perform! Is it too early to ask for this as the new Broadway cast as well? Let me stop! Lol

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Eric, Florence and Keegan are playing the main hyenas. #GangGangGang. Lol (Lawd! I never say that ish, but I’m so excited right now! Please don’t judge me. Lol) But on a more serious note, how the hell did they get such a great cast? Like, did they have to bribe everyone? Did these people even have to audition?

Or did they just contact everyone’s managers like hey we need ya for this new movie we’re making, yeah I think you’ve heard of it, something about a lion and his son taking over? Yeah, yeah, that’s the one! The Lion King. I think that’s what it’s called. Whatever, we think you’d be great and we’d like to have you in our show. Great! We’ll send over the contracts tomorrow! It’s been a pleasure. Talk to you soon. Muah. Muah. LOL Listen I’m tripping. But so what! I’m excited!

THE LION KING roars into theaters everywhere on July 19, 2019!

Are you excited? How could you not be! This is gonna be so good! I’m gonna need to purchase tickets as soon as they come out because this is gonna be sold out for at least the first week! Leave a comment below and let me know who’s voice you can’t wait to hear! I’m Team Glover and Team Jones! I honestly don’t even care about Beyoncé right now! Lol

  • I absolutely loved this movie! Not 1/2 or 2 but the original Lion King. I can not wait to see this movie and can not wait to hear James Earl Jones as the one and only Mufasa!!

    • Wait. WHAT! You didn’t like 1/2? OMG! That was like the funniest one out of all of them. I still scream “maaa, maaa” because of Timon! LOL I wish I had it on DVD or something. But OMG YES! JEJ’s voice! I feel like his should have just been the original Mufasa. LOL

      (I still can’t believe you didn’t like Lion King 1/2 LOL)

      • Lol yes I like originals. It’s rare that I’ll like the sequel just as much. Except Bad Boys 2, that ish was good. Lol

        • Naw. Naw. I don’t wanna hear this! LOL 1/2 was dope! Their “explanation” of what really happened during the Lion King was funny as hell because it seemed so realistic from their eyes. Lol They need to remake that too! LOL I don’t even remember BB2. (Don’t judge me! lol)