3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Your Child To See Charlie & The Chocolate Factory On Broadway

Charlie on Broadway

I’m sorry Charlie, no offense …

… but girl if you have a child under the age of 10 you should just stay home.

I know you think I’m absolutely crazy for saying this, but I indeed took my 5-year-old daughter to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway a few days ago, and I am currently being hit over the head repeatedly by its consequences. So trust me when I say … you should just save the money! Don’t get me wrong, seeing a Broadway show is absolutely uh-mazing! (Maybe even life-changing.) But as a parent, when you read these 3 reasons below you’ll understand why I say you should just watch the movie at home.

Wait … you probably shouldn’t do that either!

Charlie on Broadway

As you can see by the photo above, I was warned. But I didn’t listen, like so many other parents who brought their kids out to watch the mesmerizing show that night. Thankfully, you have me, so you won’t have to share our misery.

Charlie on Broadway

1. They won’t stop talking about it! Ever!

It’s been about a week since we saw Charlie on Broadway and my daughter is still telling everyone, and anyone that will listen, about it. She even made us watch the movie a few days after watching the musical. *sigh* And she won’t stop singing “Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka”. She actually just walked by, and starting singing again. *face palm* 

This is almost as bad as the Frozen epidemic.

Charlie on Broadway

2. There’s overpriced candy and sugar filled slushies that your kids will beg for!

There is no regular, overpriced popcorn or cotton candy, like we’re used to at a movie theater or a live show! After all, this is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, why would anything be so simple? While there are no Wonka bars located at the “shop” (pictured above) there’s still a ton of candy and snacks to choose from.

Candy popcorn, m&m’s, gigantic lollipops, and the drink of the night: slushies. (If you decide to go, despite my warning, get yourself a “Golden Ticket”, it’s the cotton candy slushie mixed with rum. It’s amazingly delicious! Just be careful, don’t forget your kid is with you. Lol)

Luna Park

3. Your child will be devastated!

We didn’t see the movie before the musical, so my daughter (yeah, that’s her sad self in the picture above) had absolutely no clue what she was getting herself into when we went. She only saw the commercial for the show a few times and was convinced that she had to see it. So when she heard Charlie didn’t get the ticket, she was seconds away from crying a river. I mean, her face was incredibly sad, so damn sad in fact …

I had to keep asking her what was wrong.

That’s when I looked at her and back at the show and it clicked. She was sad because he didn’t get the ticket. She was rooting for him, she wanted him to get that ticket as much as his grandfather wanted him to. So when he didn’t get the ticket she was horrified. I literally had to whisper spoiler alert, he gets a ticket later on in the show because I was so scared she would actually start crying.

Charlie on Broadway

Now I’m not gonna lie, the show is incredible! Violet was played by a black girl (who was superb by the way, if I do say so myself, lol); there was a black male dancer who I couldn’t keep my eyes off of, he was so great; Willy Wonka, is definitely as talented as Johnny Depp, if not a bit more, and the costumes, set design and production were uh-mazing!

Everything about this show is fantastic!

Straight down to the design of the outside of the theater, which is made to give you the impression that you’re at the actual factory. However, if you’re a parent, you’ll understand why such a great show can be such a headache. Who the hell am I kidding, ignore this post, go see the damn show! It’s an experience of a lifetime. Especially if you’ve never seen a Broadway show before, so you should totally do it. Or as Willy Wonka would say, don’t go, strike that, reverse it, goSo what do you think?

Are you willing to sacrifice your sanity to allow your child to experience the greatness that Charlie on Broadway will bestow upon thee? *laughs*

If so, comment below and let me know. If not, tell me why, because after all, this is definitely a show you don’t wanna miss. P.S – Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter so all your mom friends can enjoy a good laugh.