#MomGoals: 5 Things To Do This Year To Become A Better Mom + A $25 Fenty Beauty Gift Card Giveaway

#MomGoals: 5 Things To Do This Year To Become A Better Mom + A $25 Fenty Beauty Gift Card Giveaway

First of all … Happy New Year!

Can you believe it’s the third day of the year already? Goodness! I swear to you it feels like the first day of school was just yesterday! (Listen, Linda, I’s clearly lying, the first day of school was months ago but isn’t that what I’m supposed to say during the first week of the year? Lol)

As you can see, (okay maybe you can’t tell if this is your first time reading my blog), but I revamped my blog and I love the way it looks now. A few months ago, I decided to revamp thangs and become a “mommy blogger” because I’m always talking about my kid and the things we do. So I ended up changing my blog’s name from Vicious Quipster to A Mom That Sleeps, so it would fit my content better.

But when I changed the name, I didn’t bother getting a pretty layout because I wasn’t sure I could keep this thing going for long. However … it’s been a few months, and I haven’t thrown in the towel yet, so I figured I’d do this “right” for the new year. Not only did I change my name and theme, I also created a cool editorial calendar as well, with monthly themes and all.

But before I go on, if you’re just here for the Fenty Beauty $25 gift card giveaway, you’re gonna have to scroll all the way to the bottom to read all about it! Listen, Linda, don’t be rolling ya eyes at me because you gotta scroll all the way to the bottom, at least I told you! LOL

fenty beauty $25 gift card giveaway

And with that being said …

This month’s theme is: Becoming A Better Mom

Which means that every post I write this month will be geared towards becoming a better mom.

Now, these goals are totally for me but feel free to add a few of them to your list as well. Wait, do you even have a list? Lol Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. I know how mom life can be! But since it’s the third day of the year and all, and you know, this is what we’re supposed to do during the first week, why not create your list today? Just grab a piece of paper and write it down! (Do it now so you don’t forget.) Trust me, it’s so much better when you write it down, instead of just typing it up. I get a lot more done that way.

But don’t forget to also put it somewhere you’ll see it often. (If you can’t physically see it, there’s a 99.9% chance that you’ll forget all about it via the “out of sight, out of mind” rule and the “ain’t nobody got time to remember Keisha’s dance class schedule, what I need to grab from Target for dinner, who I need to call back so I don’t get fired and the list of goals I made the first week of the year” rule. Feel me? So write it down, then make it visible!

How To Become A Better Mom

Now on to the list …

1. Sleep more!

My blog isn’t called “A Mom That Sleeps” for no reason, ya’ know! Over the last few months, since I got fired for no reason and all, I’ve noticed that I’m so much better off now that I actually get some sleep. I mean, I knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep before, but I didn’t fully realize how much it was affecting my parenting until I started getting more sleep. Lol (I’d say set a schedule for this, but the reality is that’s impossible. Lol We all know how being a mom is, one moment we’re free and the next minute we’re on a random Target run to grab something we forgot and need for the dinner we planned to make … which never actually gets made.)

2. Stop comparing your life to hers!

See that mom on Insta with great hair, amazing makeup, and an even better wardrobe who seems like she has her life together? It’s mostly all fake! Okay, it may not be fake, but it’s definitely staged. All those great photos on Instagram are staged! I’m a blogger, I know! Now, I’m not saying her life isn’t great, but what I’m saying is, those photos are meant to be amazing! They don’t show all the stress she went through to get that photo or to even get to that point in her life. So you really have no clue how hard it is for her.

Hell, even Beyoncé has issues!

only human Beyonce

3. Make “me time” a real thing, every day!

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes out of your day, and all you get to do is indulge in a sweet treat. (You know, like how those commercials always show women eating chocolate really, really slowly? Lol) I actually did this a few weeks ago, with my Thindulgent salted caramel cookies, pictured below. (Okay, I’m lying, I took that photo after eating half the pack of cookies, but that was totally self-care! I don’t care what you say! LOL) Oh, and don’t just do it for those snaps or insta posts. Lol, Do it for yourself! Because that 5 minutes will seriously clear your head.

4. Make better food choices.

I’m not saying you need to go on a diet Linda, damn it. I did NOT call you fat. Lol, I have no clue what you look like! (Which you can totally change by following me on Snapchat or Instagram! I’ll follow back! Just leave me a note letting me know you read my blog.) However, eating better means you’ll have more energy to run around and do the 101 things you have on your to-do list that hasn’t been done within the last 3 years. Lol So stop with the junk food … or be tired, it’s your choice! (I should probably take my own advice since my body is currently dying for sleep. Lol Probably should have picked a better photo for #3 too, huh? *shrugs*)

You get the point damn it.

5. Dance aka Exercise.

Not just because “exercising” has to be on everyone’s New Year’s resolution list or you didn’t really make one, but because it’ll make you feel better. Either it’ll get rid of some of the stress and anger you’ve built up throughout the day, or it’ll make you feel really good. Hell, you may even lose a few pounds if you do it every day and that’ll definitely make you feel good!

I started dancing a few times a night last year, just for fun, and when my aunt came over and asked if I had “lost weight”, I mentally lost it. I shrugged and said “iono”, but in my head, I was doing backflips all over the place and screaming f*ck yeah. Lol If you absolutely hate dancing, then try a fun fitness class like rowing, instead! (I’ll be doing a post about fun fitness classes later on this month, as part of my “becoming a better mom” series, so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media so you don’t miss out!)

Bonus: I asked my daughter how I could be a better mom this year, and here’s what she said …

“Let me watch tv every night, and don’t have a bed time.”

“Let me stay up really late.”

“Don’t yell so much, I don’t like it when you yell at me.”

“Let me help cook.”

Ummm … I don’t know how I feel about this “list” of hers, but I do think she has a point. I hate yelling myself. But I think I was so stressed out last year that it felt like all I did was yell. However, I’m sure with her father’s help I can figure out how to communicate without yelling. (Although it’s quite effective, it’s not really the best way to get things done. Lol) He’s the cool and calm one though, so I’ll figure it out this year.

But I really do need to let her cook more! She loves helping, yet somehow I’m always trying to use my time in the kitchen as “me time”. (I know, stupid.) So usually I want her out of my way so I can think, and clearly, that’s not effective parenting. (At least, my 5-year-old doesn’t think so.) Maybe this year I’ll have her bake or cook at least once a month, and we can set aside time for her to do things all on her own! She did get a baking set and recipe book for Christmas this year from her sister, aka BFF, so that’ll be a great start.

But here’s what you really came for …

Giveaway Details + How to Enter

Okay … so since you’re looking to become a better mom this year, and acknowledging that you need to change some things is the first step to greatness, I figured I’d help nudge you along the way! (Because who doesn’t love a good reason to do something they already need to do. Like a “free Fenty Beauty lipstick” good reason!) So how can you enter to win a $25 Fenty Beauty Gift card so you can purchase a new lipstick this month?

fenty beauty $25 gift card giveaway

All you have to do is … ask your kid what’s one thing you need to do this year to become a better mom! (If your kid is a bit younger like mine, you may have to pry a little and ask a few more questions so they really understand what you’re asking.)

Then follow me on Twitter and tweet me their response using the hashtag #MyKidSaidIShould by clicking the box below and filling in your answer. Here’s an example …

If you don’t have Twitter, you can enter via Instagram by following me on Instagram, and posting a photo of your kid, with their “one thing” you need to do this year to become a better mom and the hashtag #MyKidSaidIShould as your caption.

Wanna score some extra entries to boost your chances of winning? Here are a few easy ways you can earn extra entries:

  • Leave a comment on this post answering the question at the end.
  • Click here and like my Facebook page.
  • Join my newsletter by clicking this link, so you can stay updated on future giveaways, posts & more.
  • If you entered via Twitter, follow me on Insta. (If you enter via Insta, follow me on Twitter.)
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  • Copy & paste this text into your Instagram photo caption, so your mom friends can enter: “Want a chance to win a $25 Fenty Beauty gift card? Head to amomthatsleeps.com to find out how you can enter @amomthatsleep’s 1st giveaway of the year!”.

One mom will be chosen at random to win, so good luck! Giveaway ends Jan 19th. Now tell me …

What’s 1 thing you need to do this year to become a better mom?










  • Tereka McCollum

    Can I say that i absolutely love this blog?! One thing i will do to be a better mom is spend more quality time with my kids. We are usually all on a screen (dont judge me.) AND to do more self care activities like ice cream binges lol.

  • Melanie Christensen

    STOP COMPARING! Amen 🙂 Everyone has their own opinion of how to be a parent. It’s totally cool to ask for advice, but everyone’s kid and lives are different so there’s no need to compare.

    • So true! We should be able to learn from each other instead of comparing.

  • Justine Y

    I love this list and I think they’re all great, but the sleeping more really resonates with me. I notice such a change in the way that I behave around my kids when I’m well rested.

  • One thing I need to do is have more patience. Slow down and let my kids do more things, instead of rushing them everywhere.

    • Ohhhh that’s a good one! My daughter always wants to help cook but I never have the patience for it. LOL This year I have to learn how to let her make mistakes! #prayforme lol

  • Lyndsey Piccolino

    sleep is everything! you had me at sleep more, I feel like when you are well rested, you can take on the world!

    • SOOOO TRUE! There’s a HUGE difference when you wake up in the morning well rested! It’s like you have super powers. LOL

  • Ugh, the comparison game is always so hard, especially as bloggers! I love that you included it though, because I am always in need of a reminder on that one!


    • It soooo is! Girl, I’ve failed at blogging a few times bc I was comparing myself so damn much! *cries* LOL

  • Blaire

    One thing I need to do this year to become a better mom is to be more present in the moment! I feel like sometimes I get caught up in my to-do list or browsing on my phone, and not enough time enjoying the little moments with my son.

    • I feel ya! I’m the same way. What I started doing last year is that if I realized I was working for a long period of time, usually I’m on my computer for hours bc of my blog + school. I’d stop, close my laptop for a mental break and go play with her. Even if all I did was chase her around the house or tickle her, that 5 mins with her helped a lot!

  • Danielle Fox

    I plan to listen more. I often am so bust running around that I don’t stop, look at them and listen to what they are trying to express to me.

    • I feel ya! My daughter will call me a thousand times before I tune in and realize she’s speaking. But what drives me crazy is 9/10 times it’s never anything important and she only does it while I’m working. LOL UGH!

  • I need to take better care of myself. Lack of sleep, eating well, and getting me time have definitely had a negative impact on my family relationships and my health!

    • Totally agree. Hangriness is basically a disease. LOL I’m not me when I’m hungry, I swear!

  • Angelica Arias

    That’s so cute what your daughter say. Definitely making more me time for myself this year!

    • Ehhh … it wasn’t all cute, trust me. I ommited the crazy stuff LOL

      But “me time” has to be a thing this year! I’m tired of walking around wishing I looked good like everyone else … but who the hell really has all that extra time to get dressed and be pretty? LOL

  • Official_dzbrand

    #MyKidSaidIShould by her more learning toys this year to become a better mom

    • That totally sounds like something a kid would say! LOL

  • Candice Renee

    Great List and also funny!! Enjoyed the read 🙂

    • Thank you! Yay … people don’t just think I’m crazy! #winning LOL

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • simplyxclassic

    such great tips!!! i def need to work on sleeping more and not comparing myself! thanks for sharing!

  • Misty Hofert

    This is a great list! I plan to do all of these things as well! Dancing isn’t my thing, but I love to run!

    • Okay, see … now we’re total opposites because I HATE running! LOL

      However, if that’s your thang, do it girl!

  • Love this list! Especially dance more. I am hoping to make it back to ballet class this year (as soon as my thrown out back heals). Also totally agree on the comparing yourself to others bit. Why are women so especially good at such a harmful habit?!

    • Thanks so much! Ohhh ballet! (That’s more of my daughter’s thing.) But I wanna take a few ballroom dancing classes. For now, I’ll just stick to dancing in the bathroom where no one can see me! LOL

      And I don’t know .. I hear men don’t have this stupid trait. LOL It’s horrible! But eventually we learn to stop comparing, right?

  • Keyonda Pyles

    Super duper cute blog post! And your format is CRAZY good I can read all your blog post. I enter the giveaway on Twitter. *Fingers Crossed*

    • Thank you SO much! I almost quit in the middle of revamping so I’m glad everyone likes the new look.

      Good luck dear! ☺️