Mom Hacks: How To Get Your Child To Eat Breakfast In The Morning Before School Everyday

How To Get Your Child To Eat Breakfast

Let them eat something on the go …

That’s it! You can go back to whatever you were doing before you clicked this post because that’s my trick. Still here? Still wondering how the hell does it work? It’s simple!

My daughter loves the idea of holding something in her hand while she walks. I have no clue why, but it works. So I usually give her a GoGo Squeez Applesauce right before we leave the house and then she eats it while walking to school. (GoGo Squeez is really good by the way, like so good I’ve eaten a few myself, but shhh, don’t tell her that. Lol) 

mom hacks - how to get your child to eat breakfast

I seriously have no clue why this trick works, but if you have a hard time getting your child to eat breakfast before leaving the house, I’d suggest you give this a try. I used to wake up every morning extra early to make her breakfast before we left, and then she’d eat absolutely nothing. It would drive me up the freaking wall, and by the time it was time for us to leave, I’d be so freaking upset I’d walk her to school silently. So I just stopped making breakfast.

Which she loved apparently because for some reason she likes going to school to eat their breakfast. Don’t ask me how school food is better than the pancakes I make her every other week because she loves them so much, but whatever. Then I noticed that sometimes she wouldn’t eat breakfast or lunch because she didn’t like what they served. So, of course, I needed to make sure she ate something before she left the house.

One day I told her to grab a yogurt out of the fridge so she could eat while walking and her face lit up like a Christmas tree! It’s been on like Donkey Kong ever since. LOL

mom hacks - how to get your child to eat breakfast

I’ve found that snacks she can hold with one hand, work much better, than snacks she’ll need two for. Simply because having to look down to use two hands will slow her down. (Have you realized how bad they are at multi-tasking. Lol) So I’ve been buying Gogo Squeez at Target to make sure she eats something. Thank goodness they have yogurt and applesauce, and there’s a ton of different flavors. You know in case I need something to eat while we walk. Lol

Give it a try, and let me know if it works for you!





  • Ola Broom

    I’m sure these pouches are so convenient. As a child I never would have even considered eating yogurt. Of course I love it now. But this is a great way to introduce children to other types of foods that arebactually goodness for them.

    • Whatttt! You didn’t eat yogurt? Okay me neither. LOL I remember trying to eat the ones with the candy pieces and it was disgusting! I barely ate apple sauce as a kid. Now I can eat her entire box. LOL

  • Barbara

    Pouches are useful, but they are really terrible for the environment. They aren’t recyclable, so they will outlive us, our children, and our grandchilldren. I am just not convinced they are worth the convenience.

    • That’s totally understandable! What do you package your kids snacks in instead?

  • Angelica Arias

    My daughter loves pouches too! I think it’s the idea that they’re feeding themselves maybe?

  • My kids love those pouches! I had no idea they had a yogurt one too. Adding to shopping list!

    • Oh yeah! And blueberry isn’t the only flavor! So it’s great!

  • These really are useful! I keep pouches on hand in my bag and pantry for healthy snacks!

    • Yes! (Although if I keep them in my bag, I’ll probably eat it. LOL)

  • Applesauce pouches are the best kid/parenting invention of the century! I always keep a few on hand because they are soooo easy to grab as you head out the door. I have one really picky eater so I often pack one when we go out to eat or to dinner at someone’s house in case there isn’t anything she will eat.

    • OMG! Yes. I need to do that! Sometimes we THINK they’ll eat and then they don’t. I keep them for when we travel on the train just in case she gets hungry. But that’s a great idea.

  • Amanda Lei Rollison

    We love the squeeze pouches! Great for traveling and mid afternoon snacks

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    I ALWAYS have these handy and in my bag my son to snack while we’re doing groceries because for some reason he always wants to eat while food shopping haha!

    • LOL Typical male! All they ever do when we shop is eat samples. He’s growing up just fine. ☺️

  • Marta A Rivera Diaz

    While I love the idea, I’m SO grateful we homeschool when it comes to things like this. They’re hungry before school? Go to the kitchen and make breakfast. This is a great idea for my fellow moms that don’t homeschool, though!

    • So true. And you guys can take breaks when ever needed! No need to wait for a specific lunch/snack time. But no matter what time it is, at home, she doesn’t eat. LOL I think she just likes eating with her friends.

  • Elizabeth Voyles

    Thanks for this! My daughter is reluctant to eat breakfast but I always want her to eat something before heading off to preschool for the morning! Yogurt and applesauce sounds good!

    • Yes! Definitely try it. That’s the age they’re too excited to eat. Lol But lord knows if they’re actually eating in school.