I’m 25 And Miguel’s Grandma In Pixar’s New Movie “Coco” Still Scares The Hell Outta Me

Girl Grandma ain’t no joke. She’s the real deal.

The way she charged after Miguel and Mariachi, made me jump out of my skin! And then she took off her shoe and I found myself holding my breath! Listen, I’m Caribbean, I know what it means when any woman takes off her shoe, let alone grandma! So yeah, I was scared. Lol But the fact that I was scared (while watching a clip from a kids movie) can only mean one thing… Pixar is on to something here! They have managed to capture a scene from our lives that feels unbelievably real. At one point, I thought I was being screamed at for something I did. Look …

Tell me that doesn’t feel familiar to you! Although, I really wish he would have gotten to pluck the strings a little. I was looking forward to hearing him play a bit. The same way I’m now looking forward to watching this movie when it comes out on the day before Thanksgiving, November 22nd. I’m not going to lie though, I wasn’t planning on taking my daughter to see this (just like I wasn’t planning on watching Thor: Ragnarok) but this clip has changed my mind.

Or should I say Miguel’s feisty Grandma has changed my mind? Lol

Disney Pixar's Coco

If you know absolutely nothing at all about this movie, here’s what you need to know. Miguel is a 12-year-old boy who struggles against his family’s generations-old ban on music. Despite the fact that he has a strong passion for music, he’s a good kid and wants to respect his family, so he tries to stay away from it. But of course he can’t. This is what gets him into trouble, and he ends up in the Land of the Dead.

I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Day of the Dead holiday. So I think this will be a great opportunity to not only watch what seems like a great movie, but to also educate my daughter and myself a bit more about this Mexican tradition; and I can’t wait!

Coco will play in theaters starting on November 22nd.

Now tell me, who’s still scared of their grandma? Lol Can you remember a time when your grandma over reacted because she was trying to protect you? Leave a comment below and let me know. Also, Day of the Dead stories are welcomed as well.