I’m So Over Fenty Beauty Right Now

Rihanna I’m tired of yo shit girl! What is wrong with you and yo god damn team? *rolls eyes* #overit

First of all, the lip gloss is f*cking amazing! I hate lip gloss! So why is this so good? My Butter London lipstick is usually my go to lipstick for when I don’t feel like thinking about what color to wear, or attempting to match my face with my outfit, but Rihanna’s new lip gloss has taken over my entire life!

Fenty Beauty’s ‘Gloss Bomb’ is now my new go to lip product for when I need to put something on but don’t feel like figuring out what. I can just throw it on and it’ll match everything I’m wearing. For me that’s an absolute must! I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a lazy make up user. I just don’t care much for make up, so I definitely don’t ever want to think about it too hard, you know?

With Fenty Beauty’s lip gloss, I can do just that.

Having neutral make up products I can wear with anything is the best. It takes the work out of it, and ensures I don’t walk around looking like a complete clown in colors that clearly don’t match my face. (Because lawd don’t we hate seeing women in the wrong colors!) The fact that this lip gloss actually feels good is just the icing on the tall ass wedding cake. But this isn’t why I’m over Fenty Beauty.

This is why I’m over Rihanna and her shit …

Rihanna (or better yet, Fenty Beauty) is dropping a god damn eyeshadow palette I can’t afford nor do I need but absolutely effing want this Oct! Just look at this shit …

And this is my response to her foolishness above!

WDF Rihanna, why? Hello! Y’all just dropped a few products not even a month ago! Now y’all gon’ tell us there’s more? WHY bish WHY! Y’all couldn’t just wait until Christmas or something? Like, can we get a few more weeks to recover? Our bank accounts are currently still pissed off at us from our last Fenty Beauty splurge. Bish we got rent to pay and bills that are due .. just stop! I barely even wear make up and I’m drooling.

There’s also lipstick and I love lipstick, so of course I’m gonna need a few. But I haven’t even bought the freaking foundation yet, or the damn highlighter, that I also don’t need but so very, very want. Like c’mon son I’m unemployed and broke … well not broke, broke, almost homeless broke, but I can’t afford all this shit at once!

And I don’t think I should add another huge transaction to my credit card debt right now since we just saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway, and I bought a couple of tickets to see a few ‘Fall For Dance’ shows. With a crazy 5 year old, I may need that money later. *sigh* (FYI if you’re like me and still haven’t been able to buy your foundation yet, here’s a cool chart that may help you choose your shade.)

But c’mon, y’all knew we wouldn’t be able to resist this shit! Are y’all purposely tryna make us go broke? Are y’all trying to have folks camp out at Sephora like they do for Jordan and Apple releases? Was that the point? I’m so over this shit man! I’m just gonna add all this ish to my Christmas wish list and forget about it until then. *narrators voice* No, she won’t.

I also just saw what the rum shimmer match stick looks like on brown skin (see photo above) and now I have to get that to! *le sigh* Oh what the hell! I guess I’ll just wait until I pay off my credit card some, then I’ll go buy a few things next month. *rolls eyes* But just so we’re clear, I hate you Rihanna, and everyone on ya god damn team! Sephora you too, for selling us this crack! Now that I finally got that off my chest …

What’s your favorite piece so far and what are you looking forward to purchasing in Oct?

I know I definitely need some lipstick and that eyeshadow palette, so comment below and let me know! Oh and if you have photos you can share them in the comments or tweet them to me by clicking this. I’d love to see what Fenty Beauty looks like on you. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Even with going in Sephora on the opening day they sold out of my shade that quick so I had to order it online and still haven’t received it lol. I heard some many great things about the glass bomb and the highlights. I don’t wear both but when they lay put on me I might have to reconsider. #BLMgirl

    • Oh hell, you still haven’t gotten it? Lol I’d cry! I’m glad I went into the store. I feel like I know at least one store that should be in stock still because they’re not in a popular location. LOL Hope you get it soon! Come back and let me know how it is.

  • I’ve been trying to hold out but I’m breaking down this week to go treat myself and join this party! Sephora here I come (but I’m taking cash only because my LilDiva’s 6th birthday is next week and this chick has some serious demands LOL) ~ Michelle #BLMGirl

    • Ahhhh! What’d you get? Tell me! I had to pay to fix my laptop screen so now I definitely won’t be able to get it anytime soon. *cries* Let me live through you! LOL

      And let’s not talk about birthday’s, my daughter’s isn’t until next March, she’ll be 6 too, but I’m already dreading it because she’s made so many new friends this year! LOL But I found out one of her friends birthday is a few days after and her mom was like well maybe we could save money and just do something together! YESS! LOL

  • Tatianah

    I loved your take on this! I went to Sephora over the weekend and tried the Trophy Wife. It’s pricey but I’d use it for highlight, shadow, and even body shimmer in strategic places. A girl likes glitter 🙂 #BLMGirl

    • Thank you! And yeah, I heard it was great as body shimmer, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with all that. LOL I just want it because it’s pretty. 😩 I hear it’s for like going out, and I don’t even go out. LOL

  • Maya Harris

    Girl! Rihanna got me! I usually don’t fall into the hype of new beauty releases or celebrity makeup but when I tried everything I just knew she had me. My shade of foundation has been selling out like crazy but my diligence with the Sephora website worked in my favor & I was able to snag it. Got that & the Rum shimmer stick. Gorgeous! Picking up my package from UPS Ta-day!! Now she’s digging deeper into my pockets with this shadow palette. I, much like you, can’t deal. Love this piece! #blmgirls

    • LISTEN! I don’t even USE makeup and she got me over here wanting highlighter like I know what to do with it. LOL Soon as I pay off my credit card some, I’m gonna get the foundation, highlighter, shimmer stick, eye shadow, and some lipstick. (Just typing that made me feel broke. LOL)

      She should just start doing make up classes or something, because I’m sure gonna need a few. But at least I know my makeup bag will be filled with products from a Black owned Brand! Whoop, whoop! (What ever else she releases is going on my Christmas list! I can’t deal. She’s already starting other brands, like please make her stop.)

      ~ Sanaa

      • Maya Harris

        Lol girl hop on youtube & watch some tutorials so you can be ready! Jackie Aina & Alissa Ashley are my faves for makeup. I can’t wait to see what she churns out next!

        • Her Fenty x Puma stuff drops this month. Sigh. Plus I hear she’s coming out with a wine brand soon? Like, so over it. LOL