3 Last Min V-Day Gifts Moms Can Buy For Their Little Sweethearts When Store Shelves Are Empty AF + A Dunkin Donuts Giveaway

last minute Valentine's Day giftsYou know how it goes …

It’s the same sh*t every year!

February starts …

You get excited about all the cute sh*t you’re gonna buy your kid …

You forget to buy all that cute sh*t …

And then all of a sudden it’s February 14th and you still haven’t bought any of that cute sh*t you said you were gonna buy for your kid!

It’s like a never-ending cycle, and you’re so used to it by now that you’ve just learned to suck it up and hope for the best! You scour every store you walk past after work, and each store is less promising than the first. The shelves look like ghost towns out of an old western movie, and you’re literally crying inside praying to find an overpriced box of chocolate so you don’t go home empty-handed. (Okay, maybe it’s just me?) But this year I’m not doing it! I’m not with the sh*ts!

What we fail to realize as parents is that, our kids don’t give a flying f*ck. As long as we bring them something, they don’t care what it is! So why the hell do we take it so darn seriously? Buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a kid shouldn’t feel like an Olympic sport!

Yet, each year we run around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to find thee perfect gift. Well, thee perfect gift ain’t happening this year! You gon’ get what you get, and you gon’ not get upset! LOL (Or you can get these hands! Lol)

But all jokes aside …

1. A Sweetheart Polar Pizza From Baskin and Robbins

last minute Valentine's Day gifts

Because kids love ice cream, even if it’s 15 degrees outside …

The Sweetheart Polar Pizza is made with a heart-shaped Double-Fudge Brownie crust topped with Love Potion #31® Ice Cream, (which is white chocolate and raspberry flavored), plus fudge brownie pieces, a marshmallow topping, and festive hearts. And guess what, it’s big enough for both of you to share! (Or not. Lol)

Order it online and then pop into Baskin Robbin’s on your way home from work to pick it up.

2. A Heart Pretzel From Auntie Anne’s

last minute Valentine's Day gifts

Because kids love pretzels, and heart shaped pretzels are way too cute to pass up …

Here’s another sweet treat you two can share! (Without actually having to share, because I don’t know about your kid, but mine hates sharing her cinnamon pretzel. Lol)

Thank goodness Auntie Anne’s is offering a BOGO free special on all of their heart-shaped pretzels on Valentine’s Day! Perfect for moms who procrastinate like their lives depend on it and for greedy little gremlins who refuse to share their pretzel with the person who bought it. Lol Just make sure you sign up for an Auntie Anne’s My Pretzel Perks membership before Feb 13th (12pm) to get this special offer.

3. Heart Donuts From Dunkin Donuts

last minute Valentine's Day gifts

Because kids love donuts, and you’ll love the new name of your old favorite …

My mom actually makes it a “thing” to buy us donuts each year for Valentine’s Day (there’s currently a box sitting on our table right now, lol) so it’s a cute way to start a cheap, new tradition! (Plus there’s usually almost always a sale going on, so you can easily get a box of 6 donuts for $5 or less.) But the new names are so cute! And instead of just telling you what they are, I’m gonna let you guess! Guess correctly and you could win a box of donuts (and maybe even a coffee, too)! Sounds fun? Find out how you can enter the giveaway below!


All you have to do is … Take the quiz below and see if you can get them all right! One random quiz taker will be chosen to win a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card, that you can use to purchase a box of donuts to start your own Valentine’s Day tradition. You’ll have 3 minutes to match each donut to their new Valentine’s Day name, so good luck! (And please no cheating, this is supposed to be fun! Plus it would take way too much time for you to cheat. So why bother? Lol)

Wanna score some extra entries to boost your chances of winning? Here are a few easy ways you can earn extra entries:

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Now tell me …

What are you getting your kid for Valentine’s Day this year?

  • Floby Villaralvo

    This is so nice and yes, it is never late to have some good ideas for the kids!

  • Jacqueline Caparas

    Hubby gave the kids chocolate eclairs and a rose each to the 2 girls <3

  • The heart donuts have been life savers in past years.

  • SavvyMochaMama

    Those sweets all look so good! We didn’t buy any sweets for our kiddos this year because they received plenty from their friends.

  • Okay, that Polar Pizza looks DELICIOUS! lol

  • Oh I wish those sweets were available here in Europe! They look darling! Hopefully one day 🙂

  • Oooh yes! Food items are always a win! Great post! Run me that gift card!!

    • Thank you! And LOL We’ll see who wins on Thursday! 😁 (I’ll announce it via email.)

  • Veronica’s World!

    I thought this was super cute! I totally agree it shouldn’t feel like an Olympic to get something for your children.