Mom Confession: I Gave Up Free Tickets To Disney World Because I Was Too Scared To Travel Alone

Yes, I realize how stupid this sounds …

And I’m not proud of it. Hell, my daughter is probably going to kill me when she finds out. If she finds out. Lol But last year, I managed to get 2 complementary tickets to Disney World, along with a few other places in Orlando, and I never went! Why? Because I was scared! My anxiety kicked in, and everything went downhill from there.

I’ve never been anywhere alone, let alone just me and my daughter, so going to a whole new state scared the hell out of me! I know it sounds silly, but I literally couldn’t see past the “what if’s”. What if something went wrong, what if we didn’t know how to do this or that. How were we going to get around? Actually, it sounds pretty stupid right now, because of course we’d be able to get around. The hotel has a shuttle! There are buses. Someone would have stopped and helped. But I had let fear consume me so much, that I let those passes go.

Now that’s not the only reason we didn’t go to Disney World last year, money played a factor in this too. But honestly, that’s the main reason we didn’t go and now it seems so stupid! I gave up a great opportunity because I was too scared! Yay me!

Sometimes, as a mom, I just want everything to be perfect. (It doesn’t help that I’m naturally a perfectionist on top of being a mom.) But I’m slowly learning now that not everything is going to be perfect and we just have to make do with what we have. So next year, I’m letting go of fear, and the what if’s, and I’m just gonna do it anyway! Just push me off the edge, and I’ll learn to fly. I think that’s how it works. Lol

So since Christmas is coming, and I’ve already promised myself to take a chance, how about buying us some tickets for next year? Disney has made it easier than ever to give magical Disney vacations, theme park tickets or special Disney experiences as gifts for those lucky friends and family on your gift list. (That’s us!) This could be us next year! See photo below.

Share The Magic - Disney World

For the first time ever, guests (that’s you) can select from a full portfolio of Disney destinations and experiences to gift (to us) all in one, easy-to-navigate place … From an unforgettable voyage aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship, or a vacation at the sun-drenched beaches of Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina Hawaii, to the enchanting world of magic and make-believe at the Walt Disney World Resort. (Which ever you decide to give us *cough* we’ll be more than happy to accept. Lol)

All I’m saying is, Disney has made it really easy for you to purchase tickets for a friend, and since I need to redeem myself, why not just purchase a few for me? Half of y’all are already in the Christmas spirit anyway! *side eyes everyone that skips over Thanksgiving as if it doesn’t exist* And now that you know you can gift someone a Disney vacation, would you? 

Comment below and let me know if you could ever purchase an entire cruise or vacation for someone else.

  • Kia Young

    The first time we went to Disney it was a flaming mess. I got arrested on the way there😂😂😂 but we still went, still had a pretty great time. I said all that to say even if the worst jappens, Disney will make it all better. Signed, A Disney Fanatic.

    And yes, I would gift someone tickets. 💜💜

    • GIRL! WHAT? LOL I thought you were supposed to be helping my anxiety? Not making it worse! LOL Please tell me that story is on your blog so I can read it. LOL

      However, you’re right. And if something bad happens, it makes for a great story later on.

  • Miss Wilson

    Absolutely!! I went on a Disney cruise and honestly, it was one of the best cruises I’ve been on! Ever!

    • OMG! I know. A friend of mine is on one this week and I’m sooo jealous. LOL I get scared thinking about it, but it looks sooo fun. I’m living through her Facebook photos. LOL

  • She doesn’t have to find out about not going but next time u will be ready and y’all will have so much fun! We went last year and had the time of our life! Try to enjoy and make memoris. Good luck!

    • Thank you. You’re right, she’ll probably never find out because I plan on taking her soon. Hopefully next year.

  • I’d love to be able to do that!! I’ve given gift cards towards one :)!

    I definitely understand being nervous about trying to go with just you and the kids though!

    • Yeah. I’d hate to be in a weird position with my kid there. But I’ve gotta get over it. Lol

      And I would too! Imagine the looks on their faces. Like at least pay for my ears. I heard those are expensive! LOL

  • Michelle Ross

    I’m sorry your anxiety took over to much for you and your daughter to go to Disney! Hopefully you will be able to go next year! Great read.

  • Ashley

    I’m a pro at traveling alone, and with just my son 🙂 It’s easier than you think! I like this idea though that I can purchase vacation for friends and family. I know a few who could really use a vacation!

    • Right! And imagine just gifting them this, for a day or two when you KNOW they’ll be off. It would be sooooo cool!

      You’re gonna have to tell me your secrets!