Mom Confession: We Don’t Celebrate Halloween But Sometimes I Wish We Did

Sometimes I feel like my daughter is missing out …

I mean, to me it’s just another “holiday” that the USA invented so they could reap the benefits. But sometimes I feel like my daughter is missing out on all the fun. I know when I was little, I sort of felt like that too. But since my parents are so against it, and I still live at home, I just don’t think it’s worth the headache.

I mean it’s not that bad. She’s allowed to participate in the activities at school, which are tailored a bit to include kids that don’t celebrate. (Like … they have a thriller dance next week, and a masquerade parade, that she’ll participate in.) But we don’t celebrate it at home. Which to me sucks, because I want her to dress up and walk around saying, trick or treat, with the other kids, or go to Halloween themed parties with her friends.

My dad doesn’t even like it when she watches Halloween themed shows!

Sometimes, she asks why she can’t and I can never think of a better answer than “because Grandpa doesn’t want you to”. It’s so freaking frustrating! So I think, when we move, we’ll “celebrate” it. I’ll let her go to a halloween themed party, or we’ll have a few friends over and do a few activities so the kids can still have fun.

Is it just me? Or do you feel the same way?

Do you celebrate Halloween? Is it a big deal to you? Is there another holiday that you don’t celebrate, but wish you did? Leave a comment below and let me know.

  • Christie M

    We are Christian, but we still celebrate the fun costume, trick-or-treating side of Halloween. My parents never let us dress up as anything scary or evil which I never understood, but now I can kind of see why. I view it as a holiday for kids to dress up and have fun for one night being a character from a favorite movie or show.

    • See my dad is Christian too. He doesn’t even want to HEAR the word Halloween, and it’s so annoying to me because my poor child thinks something is wrong. I don’t need to do scary, I just want her to dress up and not have to be talked down on because of it. Glad you guys get to celebrate it.

  • Anchal Narayan

    We don’t celebrate Halloween here. We celebrate other festivals and love spending time with family members

    • Oh cool! Where are you from? What do you guys celebrate instead? I know folks celebrate the day of the dead, which to me is kinda, sorta, similar (not really) but I’ve always thought that was cool.

  • I’ve always celebrated Halloween by dressing in a costume and trick or treating. We never did anything scary or got into any meaning behind the holiday, and I always remember loving to dress up. They don’t allow the kids to dress up at school, but I let them at home, and go trick or treating. I can totally understand not wanting to fight with your parents about it, and the mixed feelings.

    • Yeah. Back when I was a kid it was always scary, but now it seems like people are just doing it to dress the kids up and I love that.

  • Erin

    I’m not a fan of Halloween either! We allow the children to pick costumes and participate in the fall festival at school and the zoo functions. We still find a way to make it fun for them, but I totally get what you’re saying!

    • Yeah! Like I don’t care for it, but I still wish we did more just so SHE could do more. Lol It’s a weird feeling.