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Think your brand would be something my audience would enjoy learning more about? Then head over to my contact page and fill out the short form to let me know all about it. But before you do, here’s what I write about on A Mom That Sleeps …

Places moms should visit – including kid friendly restaurants, attractions, museums, hotels, family friendly vacation spots, etc

Shows moms should see – including broadway shows, dance shows, live character shows, the circus, movies, tv shows, etc

Things moms may want to buy – including cheap, but cute, clothes for kids, cute household items, kid snacks, things that could make mommy life a bit easier, and more

Stuff moms can make – including kid friendly recipes that your child can do alone or with you, easy recipes you can make for yourself or your child, simple DIY projects, etc

Events moms should attend – with or without your kid (because moms need alone time too)

Things that entertain – including toys, video games, books, coloring pages, and more

If your brand fits any of the categories above, I’d love to hear from you!