Snacking Just Got Better: 6 New Brownie Brittle Holiday Flavors Released Just For Us Moms

Okay, maybe it’s not just for us …

But we can totally act like it is! I know I sure as hell am. I’m not sharing this with my 5-year-old. (Sorry kid.) But it’s the truth! This stuff is just too good. I’m not a huge fan of the Brownie Brittle, but my sister loves it to death. Like she’s coming home from college this weekend and the first thing she’s gonna ask me is, “where’s my Brownie Brittle?” As if it’s actually hers!

Anywho, Brownie Brittle has six new products that make for the perfect snacks or stocking stuffers this holiday season! And so far I’ve tried 5 of them! So here’s what I think …

Disclaimer: I did not purchase these products! They were sent to me by Brownie Brittle so I could review them. However, all opinions expressed below are of my own. I was not paid to post this review. I also don’t lie. So ha! Lol

1. Thindulgent Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Brownie Brittle

I’m not a fan of dark chocolate or peppermint and I sure as hell don’t like them together. But THIS right here! This is good. I might not give this to my little sister. Lmao (Correction, I’m not giving this to her. She can have a piece to taste it, and then she’s gonna have to go get her own at Target or something. Lol) It’s not hard like I expected it to be. It’s really soft and really good. So now I really wanna taste their other new chocolate bark flavor, Caramel Pretzel Milk Chocolate. Because if they can make dark chocolate and peppermint taste good, then I know that caramel pretzel bark is gonna be good! I pray I find it in Target soon. #prayforme

2. Brownie Brittle Chocolate Chip White Drizzle

Brownie Brittle

So as I mentioned above, I’m not a fan of these. I really don’t like the Brownie Brittle line, but if you enjoy the crispy part of your brownie, you’ll love these. They’re a bit too hard for my liking though. (I only eat the inside squares from a brownie. Not the corner pieces.) But I’m sure my sister will love them because she loves the original choco chip. I already promised to give them to her when she comes home this weekend, so she’s pretty excited to re-up on her beloved Brownie Brittle. (Hopefully she doesn’t eat it all in one day. Lol)

3. Brownie Brittle Salted Caramel Dark Drizzle

Brownie Brittle

Even though I don’t like the Brownie Brittle line, I had to try these because I love salted caramel. And of course it was good! I’d totally eat this one. Lol And I’d definitely crush it up and put it on ice cream. But it’s not something I can snack on everyday. It’s too hard for me to enjoy as a normal snack, so I’d only eat these if I was being greedy and wanted to taste something “salted caramel-y”. Lol Don’t judge me.

4. Brownie Brittle Bites Milk Chocolate Caramel

Brownie Brittle

I think these would be better if they were salted caramel, not regular caramel but I’m biased. I just love salted caramel way more than regular caramel. Lol I’ll probably gift these to my little sister, so she can share it with her roommate. (Once again, I can only pray that she doesn’t just eat them all herself before the weekend is over. Lol)

5. Brownie Brittle Bites Peppermint Dark Chocolate

Brownie Brittle

Omg! OMG! These taste like the Girl Scout mint cookies, which are addictive as hell for some reason. Lol (Those cookies are like the only thing minty-chocolatey that I actually like.) However, I totally like these too! So I guess not every snack mint chocolate flavored is terrible.

So yeah, that’s it! Like I mentioned before, I didn’t get the second thindulgent in my press package, so I can’t actually tell you what it taste like. But if I do see it in Target (which is where I normally see Brownie Brittle products) I’ll definitely buy a bag and update this post. I’ll probably post about it on Twitter and Snapchat too, like I always do, so make sure you follow me to stay in the loop. Or you could just take yo ass to Target and buy a bag yourself! Hmph. Lol I’m kidding. Not really, but still. Hardy, har har.

All holiday products will be sold at retailers nationwide and online at

So don’t forget to go get you a few bags before they’re all sold out! But before you use this as an excuse to make another unnecessary trip to Target, leave a comment below and let me know which flavor you’re dying to try! Hell, have you ever had Brownie Brittle before? I know not everyone has. Talk to me!

FYI, the featured photo and only the featured photo (aka the first photo you saw) was not taken by me. I’m not that skilled yet. Lol It’s also not an actual photo of the Brownie Brittle above. So don’t scream at me if your brittle doesn’t look that good. Lol

  • Need these in my life!! I was just told that I’ll be hosting thanksgiving at our home this year and I’ll pregty much be responsible for all of the food, you better believe these will be on the dessert tray!!!!

    • YES! They’ll thank you after. (Or they’ll eat all and they won’t have any room for dinner. LOL)

  • Brittany Colasuonno

    Oh my goodness, can I just try all of these!?!

    • If you can get to NYC before I finish them. LOL (Wait my sister already stole the Brownie Brittle, never mind.) Would you settle for just some Brownie Bites? LOL

  • Alison Ruth

    I don’t even think I could pick which one of these to try first! They all look so good!

  • Jessica Battiato

    WOW!!! These look incredible! I think I need to bring this to my next book club meeting – the ladies will go crazy! XO

    • Yes! You should! My sister loves the brittle, and I love the bites. So they’ll love something! Sounds like a great idea.

  • Celeste Wright

    these looks amazing! I will be trying them over the holidays for sure!

    • They are! The peppermint ones REALLY shocked me lol