So About This My Little Pony Movie …

It’s actually pretty damn good. Like I’m so serious!

Even I’m shocked. When I saw the commercial for it on tv, I wasn’t really interested. Which says a lot since I’m definitely a fan of kid movies. But T-Mobile partnered with ATOM to give their T-Mobile Tuesdays app users a $2 ticket, and I just couldn’t pass up the offer knowing my daughter wanted to see it. Look at her spoiled ass … Lol

From the moment the movie started I knew it was gonna be good! I know every mother in the world probably saw the commercial and thought ew, this looks cheesy. But it’s not! Right out the bat, they were singing and having a grand ol’ time, and then bam you’re hooked. I don’t wanna give away the movie, but I do want to urge you to take your child to see this.

It’s an action packed, musical, but it’s perfect for parents as well.

So if you were worried you weren’t going to enjoy it, rest assured! And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out below. Who would have thought ponies would be so damn interesting? Lol

Make sure you take your child to see this ASAP!

Oh and if you’re a T-Mobile customer and you don’t have their T-Mobile Tuesdays app yet, what is wrong with you? Download it today! There’s tons of stuff for us moms! Free movie tickets + discounted tickets, gift cards for Dunkin Donuts, gas money and more. So get to it! But before you go, leave a comment below and let me know if you plan on taking your kid to see this movie this week. If you’ve already seen it, what did you think?


  • I’ve been unsure of whether to go or not too. I think my son would love it though. I wish we had cheap ticket options here!

    • Awww. I wish you did too! I was so excited we could go for $4. Lol Maybe download ATOM and see if they have any specials? Also, I know bloggers always have giveaways and there are sites to sign up for free screenings. Maybe those would help?

  • you’ve got me on the fence. I’ve watched an episode or two of MLP and was mehhh..maybe once my daughter gets a little older we can rent this (or hopefully it’ll be on Netflix by then). I too love watching kids movies though, for sure!

    • But that’s how I felt going into this! Lol I’ve seen glimpses of the show, never actually watched an episode because it’s so meh. Lol The movie is good though. (I don’t know if it’ll be popular enough to be on Netflix, but let’s hope. I’d watch this again.)

  • Rachael Musser

    My kids are still too young to enjoy My Little Pony’s, but my niece is obsessed! I’m sure I will see this movie with her at some point. I’m glad it’s actually worth watching!

    • Awwww. How old are they? And I’m sooo glad my daughter isn’t obsessed because after this she’d be dying for all the toys! Lol

  • The Frugal Family

    I have been begged to take my guys to this in our school hols next week – secretly I’m quite excited about it!

    • Yessss! Lol But they don’t need to know that. Let me know if you enjoyed it.

  • Vivienne Singer

    Seriously, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could be interested in seeing a movie like this, but you’ve actually sold me!

    • Girl! I didn’t even think I’d be interested. I used to work in Toys R Us and I’d roll my eyes at the kids that came in for MLP. I saw the commercial and was like, eh lol Then I actually watched the movie and realized maybe I do like My Little Pony! LOL (I never watched the show prior to the movie so I might have too.)

      I hope you go see it! Your kid will love you.