Why I Stopped Wearing ColourPop

Last year, I decided to give in to the hype and try some lipstick from the most talked about brand in the beauty industry, ColourPop, for myself.

But then a few days later, I stopped wearing them. Here’s why!

I think my ColourPop lipsticks are the reason men have been hitting on me more than usual. No, wait, hear me out! I’m not just making this stuff up. No matter what I’m wearing, or where I’m going, if I have on a ColourPop lipstick, someone is talking to me. And I, I just can’t deal with all the random men hitting on me every time I walk outside. I’m not made for this kind of attention, damn it. (Especially when none of them are cute or under 30. Ugh!) I swear ColourPop needs to have a disclaimer on their website and products! Something like …

Wear at your own risk. Use of product may lead to an increase in catcalls.

No seriously! This isn’t a joke. However, this isn’t the only reason I decided to stop wearing ColourPop. Despite the fact that ColourPop ultra satin lipsticks are absolutely beautiful, and you don’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day. (Which I love, since I’m a lazy make up user.) It’s also really dry. Not only do I have to put on chapstick before I apply my ColourPop lipsticks, but I also have to put on chapstick throughout the day over my lipstick, so my lips don’t break and fall off. And if you think the problems stop there, they don’t. This stuff rubs off on absolutely, positively, everything. I mean my headphones, my hamburger, my brand new, white freaking dress, everything!

why I stopped wearing colourpop

I swear to you I almost cried real tears when this happened. I was on my way to an all white boat party when the wind decided to attack my dress, who then decided to attack my face. But this was the last straw for me. After this, I swore I’d never wear ColourPop outside ever again. Especially since it’s such a freaking hassle to remove! I mean … why is it so easy to get this stuff on absolutely everything, but so damn hard to get it off your face?

Why is it so easy to get this stuff on absolutely everything, but so damn hard to get it off your face?

Anyone care to answer that question? Don’t all raise your hands at once now. *sigh* Either way, I’ve decided that the cons finally out weigh the pros, and I’m completely done. Despite how amazing the color looks! I just can’t anymore. ColourPop takes way too much out of me, and as I mentioned before, I’m the “lazy make up user” type. So yeah … no.

why I stopped wearing colourpop

Because honestly, I can think of a thousand better things to do throughout my day, than to reapply chapstick to ensure my lips don’t feel like they’ve spent a spa day at the Sahara Desert, or having to constantly pretend that I’m auditioning for a lead role in a Matrix movie remake, dodging all things accidentally getting too close to my face, at lightening speeds, to ensure this stuff doesn’t rub off on anything of value once again. Starting with, buying some new damn lipstick!

Do you have a favorite brand (that’s not ColourPop, but “pops” like ColourPop) that you can recommend? Or am I going to have to try them all?

Please don’t make me try them all, this isn’t Pokèmon, I don’t want to “try ’em all” and be the best lipstick wearer in town. Save me the trouble and leave a few recommendations below in a comment. Please! I beg of you. (If you’re a lipstick brand owner, marketing representative or pr associate reading this, email me and I’ll send you my address, so you can send me a sample of your lipstick. Let’s work!) Other than that, I’m so over this! 

  • You are so funny. I like WetnWild c
    Liquid Catsuit. Once it drys it doesn’t tranfer on much but food.

    • Sanaa Brooks

      Awww, thank you.

      Hmmm. Never tried Wet n Wild, and I like the cheaper brands. Gonna have to try that one soon. Thanks! 🙂