What A Night At Jack Daniel’s House No. 7 Hotel In New York City Really Looks Like

Getting in to this invitation-only event is tougher than navigating the streets of Times Square during rush hour, but somehow I managed to do it.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Jack Daniel’s, and I attended this event as press, in order to provide you with this review. However, everything you’re about to read below is 100% true, and of my own opinions. Jack Daniel’s couldn’t pay me enough to make this stuff up. (Okay, I’m lying, he probably could, but still. LOL) Just keep reading.

Year after year, I signed up to spend a night with Jack Daniel’s at his House No 7 Hotel here in Brooklyn, NY, to only end up on the waiting list. However, this year, I snagged a press invitation and was beyond excited to attend. I have to admit though, I did Google the hell out of this event to find out what really went down during Jack Daniel’s House No 7 event, as the website failed to mention what we would be doing. (However, now that I think about it, this event is quite exclusive, and even the location of the event is hidden until you’ve received an actual invitation. So it does make sense that they would leave the important details out.)

But that’s what you have me for right?

I attend the events you’re dying to attend, but can’t, so I can tell you how much fun it was! (Or not! Because let’s face it sometimes not everything that glitters is gold. Lol) So without further ado, here’s how my night, at the Jack Daniel’s House No 7 Hotel, went and what it really looks like on the inside! (You’re welcome!)

Arrival – 8:30pm

Jack Daniel's House No. 7

When we arrived to the Jack Daniel’s House No 7 Hotel, which was hosted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this year, this is what we saw. That huge sign above, which I love and an even bigger line, of guests all waiting to get in.


Let’s try to remember that the event wasn’t supposed to start until 9pm. (However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few months from blogging and attending events as press, it’s showing up early! Just because you have an invitation doesn’t mean they’ll be able to let you in. Lots of events overbook to ensure there’s a full house.)

Check In – 9pm

FYI – I’m assuming we checked in at 9pm, because I wasn’t really staring at the time. I was way too busy checking out the cool, white and black bobs the check in ladies were sporting.


Meeting the Bell Hops

Once we checked in, and got our cool wrist bands, that allowed them to personally send us the photos they took during the event via email. (Which I think is dope as hell and great marketing.) It was time to enter House No 7! But of course, not without meeting one of the bell hops first. (Who were all friendly and all willing to take photos or push you into the hotel on one of their carts.

Jack Daniel's House No. 7

Failing at Shooting Hoops

Okay, before you attempt to revoke my Black card, I’ve always sucked at playing basketball. It was one of the reasons I hated gym in High School. Being forced to play a sport you would much rather just watch and cheer from the sidelines, as a socially awkward, introvert, was one of the worse things I had to deal with in High School. (I apologize if you’ve dealt with way worse. #SorryNotSorry)

It wasn’t fun going through the same motions during this event. However, I did enjoy the NBA players giving me a few extra shots so I could keep trying, and failing. *insert rolling eyes emoji here* Lol But as you can see in the photo below, this is why I never attempt to shoot hoops. (I’m usually the person you want on defense, not with the ball in her hand.)

Jack Daniels House No 7 in Brooklyn, NY

Free Drinks at the Bar

After failing at shooting hoops, I decided to reward myself with a frozen Jack and Coke at the Tiki Bar. (Which is now my favorite drink of all time, and if Jack Daniel’s could kindly forward me the recipe so I can drink this all summer long, I would greatly appreciate it.) I don’t know what was better, the taste of a frozen Jack and Coke after making a complete fool of yourself in front of NBA players, or knowing that I didn’t have to spend a dime on such an amazing drink thanks to the drink chips we got during check in.


Learning About Jack via Virtual Reality

This was my first time experiencing virtual reality, despite the fact that it was also featured at the Northside Festival. (Click here to read more about what the Northside Festival had to offer.) However, even with my glasses off, and not being able to see properly, it was still amazing! We got to learn a little bit about how Jack first started making whiskey and got to see where he started it. It was dope! I actually wouldn’t mind re-doing this, with my glasses on, in a much more quiet setting, so I can really learn all about it. I wonder if they do this right before their whiskey tastings, because they should!

 Jack Daniels House No 7 in Brooklyn, NY

Learning About Jack Daniel’s via Whiskey Tasting

Funny enough, right after we finished our virtual tour of Lynchburg, where Jack Daniel’s was made. We got to spend a little more time learning about the whiskey via a tasting. Our guide, walked us through the three stages of the whiskey making process. Giving us time to not only taste, but to also smell and discuss what we thought was in the whiskey. It was cool. (Now I’m dying to do a real whiskey tasting.)


A Few Other Activities

After we left what appeared to be the longest line in the event at the distillery. We went out searching for the magical key that would allow us to partake in the other exclusive festivities. Along the way, we also scoped out the hair salon, watched the NBA players do a few cool tricks, and got on-line to meet the barrel man.

Meeting the Barrel Man

After waiting in line to meet and take a photo with Jack Daniel’s Barrel Man, Kevin Sanders, who’s in charge of, you guessed it, the barrels that the whiskey is made in. I could tell that he was genuinely a great person, and probably had a ton of stories to share. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to actually learn about the barrels. But we did get this cool photo and an autographed piece of the barrel, that was etched right before our eyes.

Jack Daniels House No 7 in Brooklyn, NY

Royal Suite Life

Somehow, we finally managed to get a key, towards the end of our night. This brought us to the Royal Suite room. Which allowed guests to dress up and pretend to be a rock star, as a photographer took their photo. While we waited for our photographer to come back, we took a few selfies:

 Jack Daniels House No 7 in Brooklyn, NY

And then when he came back, he took a photo perfect for a rock star. Or at least someone pretending to be a rock star, for the night. (I’m more of the behind the scenes, rock star manager, type. Can you tell? Lol)

house no 7

Check Out – 12:30am

After finally getting a key, and checking out what the guest rooms had to offer, it was time to go. (There were a few others we didn’t spend much time in, like the pillow room. Which we realized would probably be a bad idea, especially after drinking. Lol) Wyclef was our headliner for the night, and although he performed, I’ve been over him since the 90’s. (Nelly too, who was the headliner the night before.) But what I’m so damn grateful we didn’t miss, was the pizza they gave out at the end of the night.

I’m thinking the folks that put this event together were really smart to send folks home with a bit more food in their stomach so they could soak up all the alcohol they drank. They gave out small bites during the event as well. We were just way too full from the Mexican food we had prior. However, the pizza was a great way to end our night!

I’m not going to lie, if I knew where that pizza came from, I’d buy a box right now!

But I had a great time. It was definitely a great experience. Although I think I would have liked it a lot more if it was less “party-ish” and more learning. (I’m a bit biased though, since I hate parties. As talkative as I am, I’m still socially awkward when around people I don’t automatically click with, or people I don’t know.) However, if you like parties, this is the event for you! (And your friends.) If anything, the free liquor alone was worth the trip! Those frozen Jack and Cokes were everything!

Now tell me, are you a fan of Jack Daniel’s? Do you even drink whiskey?

Would you drink it if it was free, and you were invited to such an event? Leave a comment below and let me know. Then when you’re done, don’t forget to share this post with a friend, using the buttons below! Jack and I would appreciate it.

  • Wow. Never heard of this but looks so fun!

    • Sanaa Brooks

      I’ve seen it pop up on my Facebook and Twitter I think, a few times over the last couple of years. (Maybe it’s because I’m following them?) Don’t know, but it was fun. I still need that pizza connect though! And that frozen jack and coke recipe! LOL Ugh!