What No One Told You About Brooklyn’s Northside Festival

Last week I attended the Northside Festival to cover their music events but didn’t even stay to attend at least one of them. Here’s why …

When I originally applied for my press pass to cover the Northside Festival, I was excited to attend and check out their music acts. But when I took a look at their schedule, sadly; there was only one music performance I was interested in. The Miguel concert featuring BJ the Chicago Kid and Saro. (Which I still never got to attend because I had homework to finish and about 3 extra finance quizzes to make up.)

However, after taking a look at their entire schedule for the week, I was surprised to find out that there was way more than just music performances.

Their Innovation schedule (which is made up of a ton of cool panels and masterclasses) was ten times more exciting than a Miguel performance. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Miguel. But learning Snapchat tricks (which I’ll be writing about next week) and watching the Drunk Shakespeare Society perform was way more fun and informing than a simple music performance. (This is coming from someone who’s a music person and actually went to school for music.)

You see, the Northside Festival was pretty much marketed (to my knowledge) as a music festival. But it’s so much more than music!

It’s a week-long of innovation panels, discussions, art installations, theatre performances, new TV show releases, rooftop parties and a huge block party to end the festivities. And let’s not forget the private press parties and events they had throughout the week as well.

Drunk Shakespeare at Northside Festival

Didn’t nobody tell me I’d be crowned Queen at the Drunk Shakespeare performance, as I watched 5 “society” members perform Macbeth. One of whom had taken 5 shots of tequila right before the show. (He was the designated drunk of the evening. Lol I still can’t believe he almost did 25 clapping push ups after consuming so much alcohol!)

Hell, nobody told me that I’d get my nails done (for free) at the Claws press event.

Where they turned Kinfolk 90 into a nail salon, to promote TNT’s new show featuring Niecy Nash and Karrueche.  (Chris Brown’s ex, y’all remember her? Lol) I even won a skateboard from TNT’s Instagram contest, which I can’t wait to see. (It’s hand painted, so of course, it’s not going to be used. It’s a work of art damn it.)

Northside Festival

The point is, the Northside Festival is one of Brooklyn’s dopest festivals and it’s not just because they have a ton of music events. The art alone was enough to make me feel right at home, during the Northside Festival. Especially since the festivities took place in Williamsburg, which is known for its street art.

So if you didn’t go to the Northside Festival this year, I’m going to need you to add it to your list of events to attend next year. I already have. (I’m also making sure I take a few days off from work so I can get the full experience. I missed so many great panels this year because I had to work! Ugh.)

So tell me … Will you be attending the Northside Festival next year?

Did you attend the festival this year? Are there any festivals you’re dying to attend this summer? (Let me know, maybe I’ll be able to tag along! I so need new friends.) Comment below with your answers and we’ll talk.

  • Niceeee. First time hearing about it, but it sounds soooo dope #BubbleOnDeck

    • Sanaa Brooks

      This was my first time hearing about it too, but it was dope! Definitely looking forward to going again next year. 🙂