Y’all Gon’ Get Me Excited For A Movie That Doesn’t Even Release Until 2018?

Do you know what could happen from now until Feb 16, 2018?

Marvel could pull the damn plug on this thang and we’d all be sitting here looking miserable and feeling stupid. Now I’m not saying that’s gonna happen, and I’m sure as hell not trying to jinx it. But c’mon now! Don’t get me excited for a movie that ain’t gonna show for another four months! Thor releases in like 2 weeks, get me excited about that! (Which they totally did, and you can read why I’m excited to see Thor: Ragnarok right here.) But don’t shove a new trailer of Black Panther in my face and then make me wait another 4 months for greatness. Ugh!

What’s sad is, I actually forgot about this movie!

I saw the last trailer, I loved it, and then I moved on. And then a friend of mine mentions it and I find a new trailer in my email (which you’ll see below) and now I’m back down the rabbit hole again, staring at photos and videos, drooling over these foine ass black men. Girl this ain’t right! This ain’t right at all. Just watch this trailer and leave me be.

(I’m kidding, I still need you to leave a comment so we can discuss this! Lol) 

What are you wearing to see this? Who are you going with?

Comment below and let me know! I just realized this is two days after Valentine’s Day! You think I can snag me a date or make some new friends by then, so I can not watch this movie alone? *le sigh* So not gonna happen …