You Need To See Dorrance Dance Perform ASAP

Dorrance Dance premiered Myelination at this year’s Fall for Dance Festival & it was absolutely everything!

So I’m going to need you to drop what you’re doing right now and head over to to purchase tickets to see Dorrance Dance’s new show, Myelination, because you NEED to see it! Believe me when I say, I left the New York City Center on Monday night dying to know when their next show would be, just so I could see them again. That’s how good they were. I Googled the hell out of them the next morning. Lol

Dorrance Dance had me on the edge of my seat for almost the entire performance.

I mean I had to mentally remind myself to sit back and enjoy it. Lol But when there’s a damn live band on stage, how can I? Dorrance Dance was f*cking amazing! I really wish I could have recorded it so you could see for yourself. But I guess you’ll just have to purchase tickets to see what I mean. There are no words I could say to you right now that would equate to how breathtaking their performance was. Myelination comprises of solo performances, duo performances and performances with the entire group, which I think I liked the best.

There’s just something so powerful about watching the entire group perform in sync to the music. It’s honestly magnificent.

Dorrance Dance

So who is this Dorrance Dance?

Dorrance Dance is a NYC tap dance company founded by Artistic Director, Michelle Dorrance, who performed with her crew effortlessly Monday night. “The company is passionately committed to expanding the audience of tap dance, by incorporating other forms that have shaped the foundation of American culture – such as street, club and experimental dance.” Which is great because now I’m committed to telling the world about Dorrance Dance and how amazing they are! Lol But as mentioned above, street dance is incorporated, thanks to their lovely performer known as “Bounce”, pictured below. I mean, you think you know tap, until you see someone tap dancing while breaking! It’s incredible.

Dorrance Dance

But what I really loved, is that everyone got a chance to show off their skills. This show doesn’t just focused on the founder and her abilities with everyone else as backdrops, or who they think is their “best” dancer. Everyone gets the spotlight for a few minutes. The thing I love about tap is, you’re making music, with your feet. So to tap along with music, it has to be very precise, it has to be to the rhythm, and Dorrance Dance does this effortlessly. I mean …

So far I’ve seen 8 groups in total perform at the Fall For Dance Festival, and Dorrance Dance is still the only group that performed with the music.

Everyone else seemed to just have their music as a backdrop, to me the music didn’t even make sense sometimes. But Dorrance Dance’s music complimented their performance. And I think that’s what makes this so enjoyable. Everything fits so well together, it’s almost as if they’re telling a story. There are moments when everything is loud, and then it gets a bit softer. Seconds later they’re leaping in the air, or spinning on the ground and it just takes you through all the motions with them. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but think, damn this belongs on Broadway. But you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s a clip of what they do:

Oh and just so you know, Myelination will be performed in NYC from Dec 19th to Dec 31st. But also in CA, CT, FL, NC, VA, PA, WA, France, Germany, and Canada, over the next few months. So if you can get to one of these states, or countries, just do me one little favor, and go see Dorrance Dance perform. You won’t be disappointed!

So now that I’ve added tap dancer to my list of men I’d marry instantly and have watched this clip at least 10 times. Tell me, what do you think?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’re interesting in seeing them perform live. Hell, I’m thinking about seeing this show again, just so I can take my daughter. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for reading!